To: my first love

I fall to the dust and worship thee

Embrace the ground on which you walk

I am not worthy

My tears turn the earth to mud



The pain in my chest is too great

Words cannot escape my lips

I bury my face in my hands in the sand

I am not worthy



You are the place my soul longs for

My shelter in the greatest turmoil

I am not worthy

Of such an embrace



Like a child sculpting mud

I show you my great deeds

Am I worthy?

Your smile warms me



Your great strength overwhelms me

I fear your power

I shrink from your presence

I am not worthy



I am lost in your creation

A grain of sand among the mountains

Who am I?

Only you are worthy



You fall to the dust to be with me

In this filth I call my home

Where I have sewn my evil deeds

I am not worthy



Like a wave rushing past

You hoist me up

I above and you below

My filth is yours and I am worthy


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